Clever Hacks To Make Cleaning Easier

Work in 15-minute bursts, use the right tools and do your shopping on Tuesdays.

By the LifeMinute Team
September 28, 2017

Sick of doing chores? Forget trying to accomplish everything over the weekend, says Lifestyle Expert Amy Goodman. Instead, work in 15-minute bursts so you won’t be overwhelmed. Also, invest in the best multi-use tools such as the new Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum by Bissell. It is small and cordless, weighs just 5 pounds and can also be used as a hand vacuum or to reach high spaces such as ceiling fans.

Other top tips:
-Forget grocery shopping on busy Sundays. Opt for a less hectic weekday instead.
- Pre-pack lunches.
-Lay out clothing the night before school.
- Assign each family member a laundry basket for easy sorting.