The Truth About Cellulite

Summer is here, time to get beach body ready, but if you struggle with pesky cellulite, it can be difficult. We turned to lifestyle guru and #1 National Bestselling Author of The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia, Ashley Black who revealed that “cellulite” is simply a symptom of unhealthy fascia.


The Buzz on Bolder, Brighter, More Beautiful Eyes

Our eyes are one of the first things people notice, especially in today’s selfie culture. So how do we make them look their best? Ophthalmologist, Dr. Melissa Toyos and celebrity makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo stopped by to share the latest solutions for reducing redness plus makeup maneuvers to make your eyes pop.

Get Gorgeous from the Inside Out

How to get gorgeous from the inside out? Renowned dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe shares revelations from her new book, “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” and how we can use them to reveal our most beautiful and healthy skin.
Cosmetic Executive Women’s (CEW) Annual Beauty Awards

Best Beauty Buys of 2018

The votes are in and the best beauty products of 2018 have been announced. We’re talking about Cosmetic Executive Women’s (CEW) Annual Beauty Awards, where more than 8,000 of the world’s beauty elite select the most innovative beauty buys of the year.

New Survey Shows Pregnant Women and Moms Feel Empowered

Did you ever feel like being an expectant Mom comes with a laundry list of do nots? Leading up to Mother’s Day beauty brand Herbal Essences wanted to dispel the myth that pregnant women “can’t do” recognizing moms-to-be and sharing results of a survey conducted with moms-to-be, new moms and experienced moms.
Spring beauty

Spring's Biggest Beauty Tips

Spring is upon us. Here are the latest and greatest beauty ideas to kick-start the season.
Cosmetic Executive Women’s (CEW) Annual Beauty Awards
Spring beauty
Secret Deodorant

3 Tips to Own Your Workout This Spring

A gym bag must-have, tricks and strategies to take your workouts and self-confidence to the next level
L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth

L'Oréal Paris is Calling YOU to Nominate 'Women of Worth'

Here's how to honor the female philanthropists, volunteers and change-makers you know
Spring Style Survival Guide

Spring Style Guide for the Whole Family

Shake up your style routine

Fresh Spring Beauty Buys

K-Beauty beauty brand Mamonde launches in the U.S. at Ulta stores

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